New Book List – January 2023

January 2023 New Books

These books were added to the Library’s collection during the month of December 2022.


A Small Affair Collins, Flora 
The Dressmaker’s Secret Cook, Lorna 
Well Traveled / Bk. 4 / Well Met DeLuca, Jen 
Steeped in Secrets / Bk. 1 / Crystals & CuriosiTEAS Elliott, Lauren 
The Sunshine Girls Fader, Molly 
Witcha Gonna Do? Flynn, Avery 
The Opportunist Friedman, Elyse 
The Lipstick Bureau Gable, Michelle 
A Mother Would Know Garza, Amber 
The Final Case Guterson, David 
Wicked Dreams / Bk. 5 / Wicked Jackson, Lisa 
A Quiet Life Joella, Ethan 
A Hard Day for a Hangover / Bk. 3 / Sunshine Vicram Jones, Darynda 
The Last Invitation Kane, Darby 
NYPD Red 7 / Bk. 7 / NYPDKarp, Marshall 
Sleep No More / Bk. 1 / The Lost Night Files Krentz, Jayne Ann 
The Wedding Ranch Naigle, Nancy 
The Circus Train Parikh, Amita 
One Last Secret Parks, Adele 
All The Dark Places Parlato, Terri 
The Seamstress of Sardinia Pitzorno, Bianca 
Killers of a Certain Age Raybourn, Deanna 
The Den Reinard, Cara 
A Fire Endless / Bk. 2 / Elements of Cadence Ross, Rebecca 
Winter’s End / Bk. 4 / Alaska Wild Shelton, Paige 
A Dangerous Business Smiley, Jane 
Without a Trace Steel, Danielle 
The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights Zeldis, Kitty 


Authentically, lizzy Basham, Pepper 
In Love’s Time Breslin, Kate 
Holding the Line / Bk. 3 / Love Along the Wires Delamere, Jennifer 
All the Lost Places Dykes, Amanda 
Like the Wind Hatcher, Robin Lee 
Engaging Deception / Bk. 3 / The Joplin Chronicles Jennings, Regina 
The Sisters of Sea View / Bk. 1 / On Devonshire Shores Klassen, Julie 
Beneath His Silence Linder, Hannah 
What We Found in Hallelujah Miller, Vanessa 
Pretty Little Pieces Schober, Carmen 


Dark Fall / Bk. 3 / The Shepherds Andrews, Brian 
Kit McBride Gets a Wife / Bk. 1 / The McBrides of Montana Barry, Amy 
The Christmas Hummingbird Bunn, T. Davis 
Fallen / Bk. 13 / Kate Burkholder Castillo, Linda 
The Furies Connolly, John 
A Catered New Year’s Eve Crawford, Isis 
An Amish Christmas Star Gray, Shelley Shepard 
Bones of Holly Haines, Carolyn 
Elysium Tide Hannibal, James 
The Belle of Belgrave Square Matthews, Mimi 
Midnight Masquerade McClure, Marcia 
The Second Christmas / Bk. 1 / Amish Holiday Perry, Marta 
We Are the Light Quick, Matthew 
Fatal Code / Bk. 2 / Snap Agency Walters, Natalie 
Sundown / Bk. 3 / Sky King Ranch Warren, Susan May 
Fake It Till You Bake It Wesley, Jamie 


Silent Spring Revolution Brinkley, Douglas 
The Rise and Reign of the Mammals Brusatte, Stephen 
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave Douglass, Frederick 
The World Deserves My Children Leggero, Natasha 
Empire of Ice and Stone Levy, Buddy 
Blood, Fire, & Gold Paranque, Estelle 
Code Name Blue Wren Popkin, Jim 


The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2023


A Small Affair Collins, Flora 
The Elements of Love / Bk. 1 / Lumber Baron’s Daughters Connealy, Mary 
Inventions of the Heart / Bk. 2 / Lumber Baron’s Daughters Connealy, Mary 
A Model of Devotion / Bk. 3 / Lumber Baron’s Daughters Connealy, Mary 
Desert Star Connelly, Michael 
The Catch / Bk. 3 / U. S. Marshals Harris, Lisa 
A Hard Day for a Hangover / Bk. 3 / Sunshine Vicram Jones, Daryanda 
Along the Rio Grande / Bk. 1 / Love on the Santa Fe Peterson, Tracie 
Beyond the Desert Sands / Bk. 2 / Love on the Santa Fe Peterson, Tracie 
Under the Starry Skies / Bk. 3 / Love on the Santa Fe Peterson, Tracie 
The Den Reinard, Cara 
The Secret Society of Salzburg Ryan, Renee 
A Deep Divide / Bk. 1 / Secrets of the Canyon Woodhouse, Kimberly 
A Gem of Truth / Bk. 2 / Secrets of the Canyon Woodhouse, Kimberly 


Killing Eve / Season 1
Killing Eve / Season 2


Stacey’s Remarkable Books Abrams, Stacey 
The Totally NOT Wicked Stepmother Berger, Samantha 
Moo, Baa, Fa La La La La! Boynton, Sandra 
Cocoa Magic Bradley, Sandra 
Stuck with You Burnell, Heather Ayris 
On the Corner of Chocolate Avenue Cohen, Tziporah
Waiting on Mr. Sloth Hudson, Katy 
Your First Day of Circus School Lazar, Tara 
Frank and Bean: Food Truck Fiasco Michalak, Jamie 
Let’s Build a Farm Pizzo, Robert 
Let’s Build a Highway Pizzo, Robert 
Let’s Build a Playground Pizzo, Robert 
Let’s Build a School Pizzo, Robert 
Wreck the HallsRathjen, Melinda 
Uni the Unicorn: Tooth Fairy Helper Rosenthal, Amy Krouse 
You Shamrock My World Rossner, Rose 
Hedy Lamarr Sanchez Vegara, Maria 
Where Do Diggers Say I Love You? Sayres, Brianna Caplan
Where Do Diggers Hunt for Easter Eggs? Sayres, Brianna Caplan
Facing Your Fear of Blood Schwartz, Heather E.
Facing Your Fear of Plane Rides Schwartz, Heather E.
Facing Your Fear of Shots Schwartz, Heather E.
Facing Your Fear of Storms Schwartz, Heather E.
Facing Your Fear of the Dark Schwartz, Heather E.
Facing Your Fear of Water Schwartz, Heather E.
Pizza and Taco: Rock Out!Shaskan, Stephen 
Turkey’s Valentine Surprise Silvano, Wendi 
Little Owl’s Love Srinivasan, Divya 
A Flag for Juneteenth Taylor, Kim 
The Frustrating Book! Willems, Mo 
How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Be Kind? Yolen, Jane 


Escape Alexander, K. R. 
Vacancy Alexander, K. R. 
Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mystery / Bk. 13 / Babysitter’s Club Graphix Cheng, Cynthia Yuan
Welcome to the Island / Bk. 1 / Isla of Adventure Costa, Dela 
The Broken Mirror / Bk. 3 / Never After De La Cruz, Melissa 
Millie and the Great DroughtDeen, Natasha 
Maddy and the Monstrous Storm Gilbert, Julie 
Rhinos at Recess / Magic Tree House Osborne, Mary Pope 
Seekers of the Wild Realm / Bk. 1 / Seekers of the Wild Realm Ott, Alexandra 
Legend of the Realm / Bk. 2 / Seekers of the Wild Realm Ott, Alexandra 
Mia in the Mix / Bk. 2 / Cupcake Diaries Simon, Coco 
The Boy Who Failed Show and Tell Sonnenblick, Jordan 
I Survived the Wellington Avalanche Tarshis, Lauren 
Camp Creepy / Bk. 3 / Sinister Summer White, Kiersten 


Eyewitness Books: World War IIAdams, Simon 
The Media and Me Boyington, Ben 
Eyewitness Books: Weather Cosgrove, Brian 
Eyewitness Books: Ancient EgyptHart, George 
Eyewitness Books: Ancient Rome James, Simon 
Deep, Deep Down Lukidis, Lydia 
Chemist Moening, Kate 
Geologist Moening, Kate 
Botanist Moening, Kate 
Architect Moening, Kate 
Computer Programmer Noll, Ellizabeth 
Astronomer Noll, Ellizabeth 
Climate Scientist Noll, Ellizabeth 
Meteorologist Noll, Ellizabeth 
What Was Reconstruction? Smith, Sherri L. 
Eyewitness Books: Volcano & Earthquake Van Rose, Susanna 
Eyewitness Books: Natural Disasters Watts, Claire 


Fancy Nancy: Bubbles, Bubbles, and More Bubbles! O’Connor, Jane 


No Accident Bates, Laura 
Wishtress Brandes, Nadine 
The Stranded Daniels, Sarah 
Fortress of Snow / Bk. 4 / Dericott Tale Dickerson, Melanie 
The Wonderland Trials / Bk. 1 / The Curious Realities Ella, Sara 
Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute Hibbert, Talia 
A Million to One Jaigirdar, Adiba 
Nine Liars Johnson, Maureen 
This Cursed Crown / Bk. 2 / These Feathered Flames Overy, Alexandra 
Morrighan / Prequel / Remnant Chronicles Pearson, Mary 
The Poison Season Rutherford, Mara 
Spells for Lost Things Welch, Jenna Evans 
Curse of Shadows / Bk. 2 / Crown of Bones Wilder, A. K. 
Song of Silver, Flame Like Night / Bk. 1 / Song of the Last Kingdom Zhao, Amélie Wen