Library News

Library News

June 2022

If you’ve been to the library lately, maybe you’ve noticed our new book section:  The shelves have been near to bursting!

The bookshelves near the circulation desk up front hold the newest releases from within the last 6 months. This makes it easier for our readers to find the latest books to the library.  In the last couple of months, we’ve had to get a little creative in making room for them, compared to a year ago when the shelves seemed somewhat bare.

So, what’s the deal?

I’m going to lay blame at our newest scapegoat: Covid.

When the pandemic shut down the country, that included publishers and those manufacturers that created all the “book parts.”  Then, enter all the product shortages and that created another issue.  Publishers would release publication dates but as it became difficult to actually produce the books, publication dates would get pushed back.  We would try to order books only to be notified: nope, not today!

And it began to show on our shelves.  They were very sad shelves.  We were sad, too.

But, now that things are going back to a somewhat normal and most businesses are fully operational, it looks like book publishing is getting back on track, cranking out books and making up for lost time, while we reap the benefits: books are coming in every week!  Happy shelves again!

Which is a great thing for our patrons but a challenge for us in shelving them, haha!

Not to worry, we won’t stop ordering because we’re full and we’ll do our best to keep the last 6 months on the shelves up front for easy searching.

So be sure you stop in and see all the NEW books we’re getting.  There have been so many great ones!  Which means we are perfectly stocked for all your summer reading, for kiddos and adults alike!  Our Summer Reading Program gets underway beginning Monday, June 6th, so stop by the library or visit for all the program details and to see what events are happening this summer at the library!  Happy new book reading!