New Book List – August 2021

August 2021 New Books

These books were added to the library’s collection during the month of July.


Dangerous Women Adams, Hope 
Death at the Palace / Bk. 5 / Below Stairs Ashley, Jennifer 
The Personal Librarian Benedict, Marie 
Fallen / Bk. 13 / Kate Burkholder Castillo, Linda 
Shoulder Season Clancy, Christina 
The Hunting Wives Cobb, May K. 
A Deadly Inside Scoop / Bk. 1 / Ice Cream Parlor Mystery Collette, Abby 
A Game of Cones / Bk. 2 / Ice Cream Parlor Mystery Collette, Abby 
The Stranger in the Mirror Constantine, Liv 
The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot Cronin, Marianne 
The Comanche Kid Daniels, James Robert 
Rock the Boat Dorey-Stein, Beck 
While Paris SleptDruart, Ruth 
Tell Me the Truth / Bk. 2 / Adler and Dwyer Farrell, Matthew 
Murder at Sunrise Lake Feehan, Christine 
Dear Miss Metropolitan Ferrell, Carolyn 
I Thought You Said This Would Work Garvin, Ann Wertz 
Choose Me Gerritsen, Tess 
The Stranger Behind You Goodman, Carol 
The Forest of Vanishing Sars Harmel, Kristin 
A Cup of Silver Linings / Bk. 2 / Dove Pond Hawkins, Karen 
The Edelweiss Sisters Hewitt, Kate 
The Third Grave Jackson, Lisa 
Go West, Young Man Johnstone, William W.
Hell for Breakfast / Bk. 4 / Slash & Pecos Johnstone, William W.
Texas Jack Kerns, Matthew 
Stop at Nothing / Bk. 1 / Michael Gannon Ledwidge, Michael 
Run for Cover / Bk. 2 / Michael Gannon Ledwidge, Michael 
Dream Girl Lippman, Laura 
The Hollywood Spy / Bk. 10 / Maggie Hope Macneal, Susan Elia 
It’s Better This Way Macomber, Debbie 
Falling Newman, T. J. 
The Hive Olsen, Gregg 
The Shadow Patterson, James 
Ridgeline Punke, Michael 
When He Was Wicked / Bk. 6 / Bridgertons Quinn, Julia 
It’s In His Kiss / Bk. 7 / Bridgertons Quinn, Julia 
On the Way to the Wedding / Bk. 8 / Bridgertons Quinn, Julia 
The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After / Bk. 9 / Bridgertons Quinn, Julia 
After Happily Ever After Rasmussen, Leslie 
The Kindred Spirits Supper Club Reichert, Amy E. 
The Bone Code Reichs, Kathy 
The House Guests Richards, Emilie 
Dog Eat Dog / Bk. 23 / Andy Carpenter Rosenfelt, David 
The Kitchen Front Ryan, Jennifer 
Lost and Found Family Ryan, Jennifer 
Survive the Night Sager, Riley 
Great Circle Shipstead, Maggie 
The Cellist Silva, Daniel 
Nine Lives Steel, Danielle 
Sleeping Bear Sullivan, Connor 
Follow the Angels, Follow the Doves / Bk. 1 / Bass Reeves Thompson, Sidney 
Hell on the Border / Bk. 2 / Bass Reeves Thompson, Sidney 
An Iris Hostage / Bk. 12 / Bess Crawford Todd, Charles 
Iron Horse Vaughan, Robert 
Outlaw Justice Vaughan, Robert 
Trouble in the Valley Vaughan, Robert 
The Layover Waldon, Lacie 
The Last Night in London White, Karen 
The FiancĂ©eWhite, Kate 


Chasing Shadows Austin, Lynn 
The Walnut Creek Wish / Bk. 1 / Creektown Discoveries Brunstetter, Wanda E. 
Breach of Honor Cantore, Janice 
The Ice Swan Ciesielski, J’nell 
Power Play / Bk. 3 / Capital Intrigue Dylan, Rachel 
Along a Storied Trail Gabhart, Ann H. 
Even Forever Hatcher, Robin Lee 
Love’s Dwelling / Bk. 1 / Amish Blessings Irvin, Kelly 
His Second Chance / Bk. 2 / Ivory Peaks Isaacson, Liz 
In a Far-Off Land Landsem, Stephanie 
To Find Her Place / Bk. 2 / Redemption’s Light Mason, Susan Ann 
Dusk’s Darkest Shores / Bk. 1 / Regency Wallflowers Miller, Carolyn 
In High Cotton / Bk. 1 / Georgia Magnolias Mulligan, Ane 
On Sugar Hill / Bk. 2 / Georgia Magnolias Mulligan, Ane 
Sustaining Faith / Bk. 2 / When Hope Calls Oke, Janette 
Plot Twist Turner, Bethany 
If It Rains Wright, Jennifer L. 


A Song for the Road Basi, Kathleen 
Return to the Big Valley Brunstetter, Wanda E.
All That Fall Calvin, Kris 
Bone Rattle / Bk. 3 / Arliss Cutter Cameron, Marc 
Outsider / Bk. 12 / Kate Burkholder Castillo, Linda 
Morgan’s Medicine / Bk. 2 / Love’s Pure Gold David, Julia 
Hooked on You / Bk. 1 / Maple Falls Fuller, Kathleen 
Finding Tessa Hendricks, Jaime 
The Letter Keeper / Bk. 2 / Murphy Shepherd Martin, Charles 
The Summer Seekers Morgan, Sarah 
The Other Family Nyhan, Loretta 
Honey Girl Rogers, Morgan 
Hours to Kill / Bk. 3 / Homeland Heroes Sleeman, Susan 
The Fear That Chases Me / Bk. 2 / K-9 Search and Rescue White, Linda J. 


Breaking Free from Body Shame Connolly, Jess
Financial Literacy Durrant, Shaun M. 
Stock Market Investing for Beginners Ezeanaka, Michael 
The Guns of John Moses Browning Gorenstein, Nathan 
War on the Border Guinn, Jeff 
Personal Finance & Investing Landis-Marinello, Kyle 
The Woman They Could Not Silence Moore, Kate 
Fox and I Raven, Catherine 
Battle for the Big Top Standiford, Les 
Personal Finance in Your 20s & 30s Tyson, Eric 
Social Security Handbook 2021
Caring for Your Cherished Objects 


Dark Sky / Bk. 21 / Joe PickettBox, C. J. 
Fallen / Bk. 13 / Kate Burkholder Castillo, Linda 
The President’s Daughter Clinton, Bill 
Choose Me Gerritsen, Tess 
The Maidens Michaelides, Alex 
Notorious Palmer, Diana 
The Bone Code Reichs, Kathy 
The Cellist Silva, Daniel 
Nine Lives Steel, Danielle 


There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Ghost Colandro, Lucille 
The Giggles are Coming Eliopoulos, Chris 
Thunder and Cluck: Friends Do Not Eat Friends Esbaum, Jill 
There’s a Witch in Your Book Fletcher, Tom 
It’s Raining Tacos! Gripp, Parry 
Rocket’s Leaf Pile Hills, Tad 
How to Apologize LaRochelle, David 
Big Shark, Little Shark, and the Spooky Cave Membrino, Anna 
Time for School, Little Blue Truck Schertle, Alice 
Turkey Goes to School Silvano, Wendi 
Except Antarctica Sturgell, Todd 
Hush, Little Baby Szmidt, Aleksandra 
All Ketchup, No Mustartd!Tharp, Jason 
Alley Cat Rally Trickartt, Ricky 
The Night Baafore the First Day of School Young, Dawn 


Lily to the Rescue / Bk. 1 / Lily to the Rescue Cameron, W. Bruce 
Two Little Piggies / Bk. 2 / Lily to the Rescue Cameron, W. Bruce 
The Not-So-Stinky Skunk / Bk. 3 / Lily to the Rescue Cameron, W. Bruce 
Dog Dog Goose / Bk. 4 / Lily to the Rescue Cameron, W. Bruce 
Little Lost Leopard / Bk. 5 / Lily to the Rescue Cameron, W. Bruce 
The Misfit Donkey / Bk. 6 / Lily to the Rescue Cameron, W. Bruce 
Shadows on the Mountain / Bk. 1 / Bravelands: Curse of the SandtongueHunter, Erin 
Luna Howls at the Moon Tubb, Kristin 
Hannah, the Belle of Prayer / Bk. 1 / The Adventures of Rooney Cruz Weidemann, Erin 
Esther, the Belle of Patience / Bk. 2 / The Adventures of Rooney Cruz Weidemann, Erin 
Abigail, the Belle of Bravery / Bk. 3 / The Adventures of Rooney Cruz Weidemann, Erin 
Ruth, the Belle of Loyalty / Bk. 4 / The Adventures of Rooney Cruz Weidemann, Erin 
Deborah, the Belle of Leadership / Bk. 5 / The Adventures of Rooney CruzWeidemann, Erin 
Ringleaders / The Adventures of Rooney Cruz Weidemann, Erin 


This Poison Heart Bayron, Kalynn 
The Betrayed / Bk. 2 / The Betrothed Cass, Kiera 
Between You, Me, and the Honeybees Coombs, Amelia Diane 
Capture the Crown / Bk. 1 / Gargole Queen Estep, Jennifer 
My Contrary Mary / Bk. 1 / Mary Hand, Cynthia 
The Shadow in the Glass Harwood, JJA 
The Queen Will Betray You / Bk. 2 / Kingdoms of Sand & Sky Henning, Sarah 
When Stars Rain Down Jackson-Brown, Angela 
Sixteen Scandals Jordan, Sophie 
Six Crimson Cranes / Bk. 1 / Six Crimson Cranes Lim, Elizabeth 
The Story King / Bk. 3 / Sunlit Lands Mikalatos, Matt 
Curse of the Wolf King / Bk. 1 / Entangled with Fae Odette, Tessonja 
The Summer of Lost Letters Reynolds, Hannah 
Shadow / Bk. 2 / Heirs of Neverland Swanson, Kara 
That Weekend Thomas, Kara 
Fly With the Arrow / Bk. 1 / Bluebeard’s Secret Wilson, Sarah